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Setup IPTV on MAG 250/254/256 Box

1. Start Setup iptv Mag – Go to Menu – Settings – System Settings 2. Servers – Portals – Set Portal 1( to the link we sent to you ) – Reboot Portal 3. After uploading, reboot device 4. Wait until the TV Screen shows Channel Press “1” button and “OK” to confirm on remote controller if the channel lists are empty FAQ Where to Find the MAC Address iptv mag?  

How to Setup IPTV on Roku

1- Search for M3U Playlist Player Go to Streaming channels Go to Search channels And search fot M3U Playlist player And select M3u Playlist player 2- Click on Go to channels 3- Select New Playlist 4- Add your iptv file m3u on Roku . If you don’t have m3u file. You can buy from and press NEXT Add here your M3U URL and press SAVE Wait for loading channels Restart your app Select the playlist you add Now you are ready to watch channels on your Roku box

Setup IPTV on Enigma2 IPTV, (Zgemma) devices with Putty

The first thing to do is install putty, a free SSH/Telnet Windows client: > For Setup IPTV On Enigma2 , VU+ First Download the program and install Putty > Take the Box ip address > Putty program “Host name” Enter the section and under the section “Telnet” Select > “Open” button > To open the black screen > “root” enter and your Device Root User & Password. PLEASE NOTE: This line is just an example, the original Line you will get from us, once your logged in, just put in to thw Terminal Window the IPTV Autoinstaller Script and hit ENTER: > wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “” && ...

Setup IPTV on AppleTv/Ipad/Iphone with GSE App

1. Download GSE PRO IPTV from App Store 2. On left side at the top click on The 3 Lines to open 3. Go to Xtream Codes API 4. Click the + in top right 5. Playlist name anything you want i.e RapidIPTV 6. Then enter  your server 7. Enter your login details for RapidIPTV account 8. Then select add 9. Click on force EPG to update

How To Setup IPTV ON VLC Media Player ( PC / Laptop )

You simply need an M3U format channel list to run it with these softwares. To download VLC Player from it`s official website click here.

How to Setup IPTV Addon in Kodi



1.Download And Install the App From your TV App Store. 2.Open the App ( You will see your TV Mac Address ) 3.Go to 4.Write TV's MAC and paste the link provided by us , choose country , click "Keep Online" and click "Add Link" .


HOW TO ADD EPG ON KODI? Kodi users can have EPG installed for the IPTV channels they are using. Following guide shows you how to install iVue EPG TV Guide on your Kodi. 1-Open Kodi, select System then go to File Manager 2-Select Add Source then hit None 3-Now type this link into the feild, and click Done 4-Check the box beneath Enter a name .... , type ivue and select OK 5-Now head back to Home Screen 6-Choose System, Add-Ons, Install from a zip file and select ivue 7-Choose 8-Waif for the notification of Add-On enabled 9-Choose Install from repository or on Helix Get Add-ons 10-Choose iVue2 TV Guide Repo 11-Choose Video Add-ons 12-Select iVue Wizard and then click on Install 13-Wait until Add-On enabled notification pops up 14-Click IVUEcreator then click Install 15-Once again, wait for Add-On enabled notification 16-Again go back to Home Screen 17-Select Programs, iVue Wizard, iVue Tools and choose Install iVue TV Guide 18-Wizard should ...


One of the most known IPTV apps is called Perfect Player. It supports bouquet listings and EPG plus being quick in terms of player and changing channels and buffering the video. Installation is very simple. Let`s see how it works: 1-First obtain the m3u file from your provider 2-Install Perfect Player through the App Store you have available like google play store 3-After the app is installed, open settings page 4-Now go to general tab 5-Put M3U link in the proper field 6-Finally, exit to home screen, the app starts retrieving the channel list and EPG.

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